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Grey Bruce losing the battle against crystal meth

More info…There’s no progress being made in the fight against crystal meth use and addiction in the region, Kathi Maskell, the mayor of Hanover, said Tuesday…. meth addictions

California Drug Rehab Facility Completes Comprehensive Remodeling Project

More info… Michael’s House, the prominent California drug rehab facility located in Palm Springs, California has recently completed work on a comprehensive remodeling project that promises to improve not only the décor of the facility, but the overall recovery experience as well. Read the full… Continue reading

Three arrested after Maylene meth lab fire

More info…Five people have been charged with unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance following two separate but apparently unrelated meth lab busts Feb. 18-19, according to the Shelby County Sheriffs Office. meth addiction

Principles of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in the 21st Century- 10 Critical Questions to Ask Regarding Effective Treatment

More info… Alcoholism and drug addiction has reached epic proportions in the 21st century. We can no longer afford to ignore the impact it is having in our country. Since the 1930’s, only one option has been made known, AA and its sister programs, and… Continue reading

Church of Scientology Distributes Drug Abuse and Addiction Facts Internationally

More info… Scientologists, in a global campaign to stop drug, alcohol and substance abuse, are making April “Drug Information Month” by distributing drug education and prevention pamphlets that present drug facts and the danger of drugs abuse. Read the full story at meth addictions

Website battles addictions with crystal meth

More info… New website tries to battle addictions with crystal meth by providing a platform for users who are trying to get off this drug. Read the full story at methadone addiction

Robert Downey Jr needs crystal healing

More info…Robert Downey Jr. employs a “crystal man” to repel negative forces around him. The 45-year-old actor – who battled drug addiction for several years and was even jailed because of his habit – thinks having someone on the set of ‘Sherlock Holmes 2’ to… Continue reading

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