Drug Therapy and Maintenance

Therapy for drug addiction can come in several forms, but will most likely always encompass some form of maintenance plan. This should have an aftercare plan following any type of treatment within a rehab facility.

The intention of substance therapy and maintenance would be to help the individual detoxify from the drugs they have been using and after that to learn the relevant skills needed in order to keep substance free over the long term.

Treatment as well as routine maintenance will certainly address the physical, emotional and mental problems confronted by those that have addiction problems and can address various other troubles patients encounter.

For instance, gender-specific treatment centers will also deal with gender-specific difficulties connected to drug abuse and many facilities may help patients contend with any criminal or even legal troubles they may deal with while in recovery.

Several different methods will probably be employed to help the individual including anger control, art therapy, music therapy, communication skills and counseling.

You’re Not Alone

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