Grace Slick

Grace Slick, in many ways, was crowned the poster girl for drug abuse in the 1960’s. She wrote the anthem of the decade, “White Rabbit” that is certainly loosely based on the C.S. Lewis story, Alice in Wonderland, with heavy drug overtones. The record seemed to be responsible for catapulting Jefferson Airplane and Grace Slick to stardom. She admittedly experimented by using drugs in her youth although her substance of preference was always drinking. Grace crashed her motor vehicle right into a wall close to the Golden Gate Bridge in 1971 doing 80 mph while under the influence. She credits quite a few arrests to being intoxicated. At a different point, Slick intended to slip LSD into the drink of then President Nixon at a White House occasion. Slick spent time inside rehabilitation in 1978 for alcoholism.

Cleaned up in the 1980s, Slick continued to practice a music career but never equalled the achievements her time with Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship, the group’s later handle. By the 1990s, Slick had left rock music in the past and turned her concentration to visual arts. In an interview with CNN Entertainment, she alludes to herself as a nonpracticing alcoholic – a person who doesn’t drink but continues to be an alcoholic.

You’re Not Alone

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