How to Find a Meeting

Regardless if you are the first person in attendance as well as seeking a meeting in a brand-new area, there are a number of methods to locate a area meeting for aid.

There’s a lot of confidentiality linked to support meetings, so they are probably not as generally spoke of by individuals as other things. A few group meetings do promote with newsprint or maybe with pamphlets. The internet is an additional beneficial resource to find meetings. At times the phone book could possibly help. Alcoholics Anonymous might be just one listing to use for more knowledge about group meetings.

At times community facilities in addition to places of worship are going to have information and facts and also have meetings. A local healthcare facility might be able to provide info on meetings and also who get in touch with in relation to obtaining them.

Nearby drug and alcohol abuse or rehab centers could also possess meeting data or perhaps in a position to direct anyone to the correct destination to telephone. You should definitely inquire if they’ve the most current place plus period of time information and facts attainable because often group meetings will alter place and also time for your selection of causes.

You’re Not Alone

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