Is Oxycontin Abuse better than Heroin Addiction?

I have a question that may maybe help me personally solve a significant issue of mine. The question: is oxycontin misuse better in comparison to heroin addiction? The problem: I currently have an oxycontin abuse disorder and I genuinely feel horrible about it. You see, I suffer from this truly nasty back problem. All my muscles may randomly tense up and not permit me to move. I may end up being immobile and also in agnony as I merely lay wherever I am, it is truly terrible. The doctor’s think I have got some type of weird muscle reaction predicament that I can not even spell. They made a decision that I needed physical therapy that might help me work out any issue and be ready to move on. However, I require a way to be able to cope with the soreness in the mean time. So, he prescriped me these oxyconton pills. I only suppose to be sure to take one every morning to be able to keep all the soreness at bay, but the product does far more than take any pain away. It can make me come to feel so wonderful, almost like I’m floating.

When I first felt it, I was initially amazed. I was determined to take more than a single tablet one time and began to notice that it this oxycontin gave me this excellent high. So, I started abusing my oxycontin prescription. I commenced having a number of capsules a day to undergo this high and that is what I am still doing today. I know, you are undoubtedly asking yourself just how I re-fill on the tablets since I most probably run out of them more than I should be considering that i am abusing the quantity of pills. Well, I have discovered a means to forge my physician’s prescription and in addition the particular pharmacy has not been doing a good job of monitoring me. I suppose they simply just trust my doctor to recognize just what he is doing as well as how much he is really providing me.

Anyway,Anyway, I know that Oxycontin is a drug from the opiate family. I learned that a lot of people that are unable to get their hands upon Oxycontin as these people aren’t able to receive a new prescription or just because these people cannot find the money for a new one that have already been using it prior to this switch to heroin as a replacement. Heroin is the worst illegal substance in the world, but it comes without difficulty and low-priced on the street. So, currently there are a large amount of people with Oxycontin problems, just like me, that turn to heroin for a lot of the exact same effects that oxycontin produces. I’m anxious about it happening to myself and now i am asking you if my usage of this particular abuse problem makes me personally as bad as a heroin abuser due to the fact they are related. Is oxycontin use more desirable than heroin addiction?

I assume what I essentially need to accomplish is proceed to rehab pertaining to opiate dependence in general. It’s obvious that I suffer from a difficulty that could become something more. I don’t understand or know exactly what level this disorder is really at, if this can be thought of as bad as the illegal substance addicts that live on the street trading drugs, but I recognize i actually suffer from a problem which I am not really going to be capable get over without having skilled professional help.

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