Oprah and Food Addiction

Oprah Winfrey has really become an American Symbol and is on the cover a number of publications, as well as her own “O” magazine. Her greatly famous talk show, “Oprah,” has been on air for more than twenty years now. Most widely known for several of her interviews of politicians, superstars as well as other figures in the public eye and her efforts to charity, she has acquired a large number of enthusiasts and admirers over time. In spite of these kinds of accomplishments, Oprah nevertheless is prone to a strong addiction, food.

Through the years Oprah has invited her readers to be involved in several healthy initiatives with her. The general public saw her alter her physique on more than a single event. Even so, the personality still struggles with food. Soon after her recent weight loss, she accumulated the excess weight once again and more to a claimed weight well over 200 pounds. This just goes to show that dependence of any sort can impact any individual, whatever their walk in everyday life.

You’re Not Alone

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