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Children and adolescents learn drug-related behaviors from the modeling of their parents and important others in their culture. Studies of the children of drug addicts come across that, even as preschooler’s, they are more prone than other children to be able to identify addictive drugs and are more likely to see drug use as a standard part of daily life. The children of parents who abuse drugs by repeatedly getting high or driving under the influence discover that these are tolerable behaviors, and, thus, are more likely to taken on in them as well. Most of the adults modeling the inappropriate use of drugs are male that is why drug related problems are more common among males than females . In turn, because children are more likely to learn from adults who are alike to themselves, male children and male adolescents may be more likely to learn these behaviors from the adults in their world than are female children and female adolescents. Thus, maladaptive patterns of drug use may be passed down through the males in a family through modeling.

There is a focus on people’s expectations of the effects of drugs and their beliefs about the appropriateness of using drugs to cope with stress on most cognitive theories of drug use. People who imagine drugs to lessen their anguish and who do not have other, more adaptive means of coping available to them (such as problem solving or supportive friends or family) are more likely than others to use drugs when they are in distress and are more likely to have social problems associated to drug use. For example, one study established that both men and women who believed that drugs helped them relax and handle stress better and who tended to cope with stressful situations with escaping rather than problem solving used drugs more often and had more drug related problems. In long term studies of the sons of drug addicts, men who used drugs to cope and who expected drugs to relax them were more likely to develop drug abuse or dependence, whether or not they had low reactivity to low doses of alcohol.

According to the latest statistics in Oregon, there were around 11 thousand people who have avail of drug rehab treatments. This only shows that rehab programs in Oregon are quite easy to get. There are numerous varieties in terms of Oregon drug rehabs. There would be no problem if you are from Oregon and wants to find a drug rehab treatment for your addiction.

Oregon drug rehabs offer drug rehabilitation services for everyone in the community. You would find no difficulty to get a drug rehab service in Oregon. There are also drug rehabs in Oregon that specializes in certain addiction which can be very helpful. Different drug rehab centers offer different services in Oregon.

Now, how has drug became prevalent in the Oregon are? Drug trafficking organizations that came all the way from Mexico is the root cause of Oregon addiction problems. These organizations rule the illegal market of drugs. Transhipment point for illegal substances has been of used of Oregon to these Mexican drug organizations. However, the government of Oregon is already making their effort in order to stop these illegal transactions.

Oregon drug rehabs can offer many things to different people.

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