Seann William Scott Goes into Rehab

Famous actor Seann William Scott, well known for his entertaining and somewhat unusual character in “American Pie” movies is among the many superstars who has recently gone through a stint inside an inpatient rehabilitation center. Inspite of the Hollywood gossip mill stating that he entered into immediate treatment, he checked himself into a treatment center in March. Although there aren’t many specifics in to the troubles encircling this, hints of decreasing well being and personal problems are believed to be related.

Soon after completing the whole thirty days in therapy, Scott wants to get back to business quickly on yet another “American Pie” movie, where his enthusiastic character “Stifler” will once again shine, the role responsible for his thrust towards stardom. Recently, Scott has been noticed at a New York Knicks game where he seemed to be enjoying himself but only time will tell for sure if his rehabilitation efforts will be successful in the long-term.

You’re Not Alone

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